We handle everything from design and construction through shipping and installation.

Safety Management

Most large corporations have very stringent safety procedures and it’s important to clearly understand this process as a written procedure is required for every task that is performed. These procedures must be approved by the client and signed off by safety manager on site. A safety manager is on site full time watching every move that is made by the contractor to make sure they are adhering to the strict code of the safety manual.

All contractors must wear hard hats, safety glasses, steel toe boots, reflective safety vests, etc. If climbing or working from heights, contractors must wear safety harnesses to be tied off.  Cell phones in many cases are not permitted on the job site, and a dedicated area will be set up for the use of phones.

Welding Procedures

Before starting any welding of pipe a dedicated area has to be established and safety welding curtains need to be set up.  There also must be a full-time fire watch available in case of any spark or ignition during the welding process.  Each morning a safety startup meeting takes place to discuss the day’s work plan and to write any daily work permits.

Certified welders are required for the welding of any process piping within a tank farm system.  Welds are a crucial key to a successful tank farm installation, as well as being a vital part in the longevity and sustainability of the tank farm's operation.  Our welding teams are certified and have many years of experience working and completing very complex tank farm systems.  During our latest installation, the senior management team of our client commented on the excellent workmanship and quality of our welds.