We handle everything from design and construction through shipping and installation.

When You Need a Refinery Tank Farm, 1 Stop is Second to None

Expert Design, fabrication, and Installation is Key to the Longevity and output production of your Refinery Tank Farm

When you need a refinery tank farm, whether for storing crude oil or petroleum, finding qualified engineers is essential. Other professionals are needed to turn your tank farm from paper to a finished distribution network. 1 Stop has a multi-disciplinary team of design engineers, installers, safety coordinators, project managers and logistic personnel. Our seasoned experts will help you navigate the entire process from design to manufacturing, delivery and testing. You won’t need to coordinate with multiple vendors, 1 Stop does everything to deliver an excellent finished product.

Our team has designed, constructed, serviced and installed numerous tank farms for refineries over the years. Here is an overview of the services we provide.


Your refinery must adhere to all requirements listed under 40 CFR Part 112 and other applicable EPA regulations. We will take a number of steps to ensure your refinery’s tank farm is compliant with all federal and state regulations, including:

  • Choosing an oil/water separator based on the viscosity of the petrochemical fluids you are storing.
  • Installing a leak detection system and conducting stress point analyses to minimize spillage risks.
  • Making sure your aboveground storage tanks have removable panels to make it easier to clean up after a spill.
  • Updating your system as new regulations are enacted. We install modular tank farms for refineries, because it is easy to build on them over time.

You don’t want to memorize hundreds of regulations let alone ensure they are all met. You have more important things to do, so it’s best to coordinate with 1 Stop. We make sure your system is compliant, so you can focus on running your refinery.

Project Management Expertise

We pride ourselves on transparency and clear communication with our customers. We meet with our customers every week to provide progress reports and discuss objectives for the coming week.

Consulting and Design

Refinery tank farms must be designed by experienced engineers to ensure they operate reliably and to minimize future maintenance costs. Our design team works closely with our customers to provide the services they expect. We incorporate the following variables into our design matrix:

  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Storage and production requirements

We perform numerous fatigue and stress analysis calculations to minimize maintenance costs and future downtime at our tank farms. Refineries throughout the United States depend on us for our exceptional design and engineering. We produce multiple lines of single-wall and double-wall UL-142 vessels, which can store up to 66,000 gallons of oil.

Having an efficient delivery system is another one of your top concerns. We will equip your system with energy efficient pumps that provide steady outputs. We have over 20 different types of pumps that can transport thousands of gallons of oil a minute.  We can also use backup generators to make sure your system is fully operational in the event of a power outage.

Fabrication and Manufacturing

Constructing a tank farm for a refinery is time-intensive and complex. Fortunately, our construction team is equipped to handle it. We handle every aspect of the construction process, including piping, electrical work, welding and performance testing. Our tank manufacturing facility produces more tanks than anyone in North America.

Systems Monitoring

We have developed a number of control systems, which are incorporated into our designs. We install smart valves to track foreign particulates and other sensors to minimize the risks of spillage and combustion.


Installing tank farms for refineries requires thorough training. 1 Stop has adopted a train and retrain process to ensure every engineer, project manager and installer is familiar with the latest technologies, FERC guidelines and federal and state regulations.

Your Refinery Relies on Efficient Distribution, Our Tank Farms Can Make That Happen Without Fail

For years 1 Stop has designed, fabricated and installed countless tank farms. If you need a tank farm at your refinery or distribution center, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In addition to our stellar track record for project delivery, you will probably be pleased to know that we are also a certified Women Owned Business. This means you should have an easier time meeting your minority procurement requirements. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you! .  800-640-5723