We handle everything from design and construction through shipping and installation.

Project Management

Successful Project Management entails meshing the practicality of asset and financial control, with technical expertise and real world hands on experience to create a finished project that defines and encompasses the ideal of real value.

Value is not defined as a single factor concept; such as lowest price. Real value is the product of balancing cost with purpose.  Combining detailed engineering with the practical application. The overall success is of course graded and gauged by client satisfaction. Therefore, the other critical components of successful project management are commitments to communication and safe practices. Embracing the culture the client requires and needs to meet not only their final goals but the milestones along the way. These are the components of successful Project Management and the exact principles and experience that 1 Stop and its Team commits to and brings to every project.

During the course of a project, we have Monday morning progress meeting with our entire team and with our client to discuss our achievements from the past week and discuss what will take place the following week. These weekly meetings are essential so that we are always looking forward in order to anticipate any issues and if so we find solutions together, as this helps to save any down time by having these very important communication meetings.