We handle everything from design and construction through shipping and installation.

Installation & Construction

1 Stop Material Handling and its business partners have a unique, design/build approach with regard to provision of construction services.  The design/build model facilitates a predictable, cost efficient outcome, repeatedly.

Joining the commitment of the designer to the hands-on expertise of the builder under one umbrella provides excellent communication, which is of course, the key to excellent project execution.  Our design philosophy is grounded in the preparation of a well-conceived plan that flows from a well understood need of the owner/operator.  With that starting point, the construction group is already a step ahead when the time comes to initiate the actual construction.   Our construction team is involved early on in the design phase, and they are led by the same management team that directed the design process.  1 Stop Material Handling and its business partners has successfully performed design build projects for private, and publicly traded corporations.  One niche market that has been very successful for our team and our clientele, lies in the petrochemical bulk storage/distribution center market.  We have been involved in constructing tank farms for offloading in bulk, on-site storage of numerous segregated products, and repackaging for local delivery.  These projects routinely require high-volume offloading, independent piping to individual storage tanks, metering, high level alarms, inventory management systems, small-package pumping/metering, overfill containment and electrical installations.  Our commitment is centered on delivering a complete project that meets and delivers the owner’s present and future need.  Their success is how we measure our success.