We handle everything from design and construction through shipping and installation.

Our Industrial Tank Farms Are Professionally Designed, and  Manufactured to the Highest Specification

Your tank farm is an important asset, but it has to be designed properly, manufactured to demanding specifications, and installed by highly trained and competent workers to ensure all types of risk are mitigated

Industrial tank farms must be designed by qualified experts. We are a Certified Women Owned Business that has earned a phenomenal reputation for developing tank farms for industrial applications. From paint, to adhesives, and cosmetics, you name it, we can store it. From the tanks themselves, to the distribution infrastructure in your plant that’s needed to manufacture your end product, 1 Stop has you covered.

Our End-to-End Service Model

We are a Certified Women Owned Business that offers end-to-end solutions for tank farms for industrial clients. Here is an overview of our service model.

Consulting and Design

Every client has different project specifications. Our design engineers work closely with them to understand their project goals and create a custom design for their industrial tank farm. We have developed custom containment and distribution for paint, adhesive and solvent manufacturers throughout the U.S. We incorporate a variety of factors into our design model, including cost-constraints, EPA guidelines, OSHA and other workplace safety regulations, waste reduction targets and future logistical and maintenance concerns.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Our construction team works closely with our design engineers on all tank farms for industrial purposes. We ensure every project is completed expediently and cost-effectively. We handle all aspects of the manufacturing and fabrication process, including riveting, electrical work and individual piping and welding. We carefully test the functionality, tolerances and the factor of safety of all major components.


Installing tank farms in industrial facilities requires extensive training. Our team has performed many installations over the years without any major complications.

Tank Farm Systems Monitoring

We have designed highly sophisticated control and monitoring systems, which are used in tank farms at industrial facilities across the country. We have patented smart gauges, which can detect debris in any storage unit or distribution line or valves. We also have developed systems to prevent spillage, contamination, combustion and other problems.

Why Customers Choose Us

Here are some reasons our customers trust us to deliver end-to-end industrial tank farm solutions.

Exceptional Project Management

Building tank farms in industrial facilities requires exceptional project management skills. We pride ourselves on our transparency and dependability. We hold weekly meetings with our customers to discuss our progress and goals for the upcoming week.

Employee Expertise

We train new employees to deliver the highest quality service on every project. We also require all employees to undergo additional training during their tenure, so that they can improve their skillsets and stay up to date on regulations and state of the art technical processes.

We have an excellent employee retention rate, so our employees are highly experienced.

Contact Us Today

We have designed, manufactured, installed and serviced numerous industrial tank farms for our valued customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our service model. We look forward to taking your call.  800-640-5723