We handle everything from design and construction through shipping and installation.

Engineering & Design

No building, no bridge, no house - no project, stands the test of time or meets the expectations of service life and purpose without a foundation that is designed for its support.

1 Stop and its business partners has a seasoned staff of professionals that understand the melding of science and experience that each project requires.   The philosophy that drives their design team is that all projects have a certain commonality but even more important, specific unique challenges.  1 Stop and its business partners have successfully performed the engineering design and permitting for large scale tank farms/distribution centers.  This work has included civil, mechanical and general electrical design for pumping, controls systems, and piping layouts. The completed projects have maximized space usage and offloading rates, stream lined small packaging, inventory control, environmental control and system flexibility. Additionally, we have successfully permitted projects under the jurisdiction of many demanding local and state authorities.  Proven design and permitting capability build that foundation that every client demands and each project requires.