We handle everything from design and construction through shipping and installation.

Aviation Fuel Tank Farms, When Designed Properly Provide Safety & Efficiencies, Making the Depot Run Smoothly

When companies need expertly designed, installed and manufactured aviation tank farms, it’s 1 Stop. Unsurpassed safety record, combined with the nations largest tank manufacturer ensures a successful project that meets or exceeds standards and comes in at, or under budget.

Every aviation fuel tank farm must be designed by a highly experienced, certified engineering team. The FAA and EPA are passing stricter regulations every day, so you need a team that can keep up with the new policies and follow them to the letter. When you need a team that takes compliance and your safety seriously, 1 Stop is your one stop. We don’t just have a team of skilled design experts, we also have experienced fabricators, installers, project managers, safety inspectors and other professionals you depend on. You don’t have to worry about FAA audits, maintenance fiascos and other distracting challenges with us at your side. We offer everything you could ever want from an aviation fuel tank farm partner – timely service, end-to-end delivery, compliance expertise and a fierce commitment to saving you time and money.

Over the years, we have designed, constructed, and installed numerous tank farms for aviation fuel storage.


All tank farms that store aviation fuel must comply with AC 150/5230-4B, NFPA 407 and 40 CFR Part 280 storage and dispensing policies. Our experts know how to keep the regulators happy so you can focus on more important things. We can equip your tank farm with Self-contained Aviation Fuel Equipment (SAFE) systems and take the following steps to keep the EPA and FAA off your backs:

  • Equip your SAFE system with a Pump and Filtration module (PFT) to keep your aviation fuel clean.
  • Conduct factory-activated vacuum tightness testing of every module of your SAFE system to minimize the risk of spillage, as required by AC 150/5230-4B.
  • Use Fireguard aviation fuel storage tanks with Anti-Syphon Solenoid Valves to minimize spillage risks if a pipe is fractured.

The great thing about modular SAFE systems is how easy it is to build on them for compliance purposes. If the FAA passes a new regulation, we can quickly update your SAFE system accordingly.

Project Management and Delivery Adherence

Building a tank farm for aviation fuel storage is impossible without an exceptional project management team. We are highly organized and communicate extensively with our customers every week to discuss our progress and upcoming goals.

We also take all necessary precautions to prevent unexpected disruptions, such as setting up a generator to provide power during an outage.

Consulting and Design

When you need a tank farm for aviation fuel storage, there are hundreds of factors you need to take into consideration. Whether you store aviation fuel for an airport, hospital, law enforcement agency or any other airborne facility, your needs will be unique.

Above all else, we make sure that your fuel can be easily delivered. We can install Direct-to-Plane modules (DTP) and Remote Dispensing modules (RDS) to make it as easy as possible to transfer fuel from your tank farm to aircraft, regardless of where your aircraft is located. These modules are suitable for airports, airborne law enforcement agencies, offshore drilling rigs and other organizations that operate taildraggers, helicopters, glider planes and other types of aircraft.

Our design team works closely with you to understand the nuances of your aviation fuel storage facility and it’s distribution requirements. Your tank farm will be carefully designed and engineered around your needs.

Fabrication and Manufacturing

After one of our P.E.s signs off on the final design of your SAFE system, our manufacturing team can begin constructing your tank farm for aviation fuel storage. Our team handles all aspects of the fabrication and manufacturing process, including:

  • Welding
  • Riveting
  • Process piping
  • Electrical work
  • Performance testing

Aviation fuel tank farms must be carefully constructed, so our team takes its responsibilities very seriously.


Installing aviation fuel tank farms is an intensive process that requires exceptional training. Our train and retrain program ensures every engineer, installer, manufacturer and project manager on our team understands the latest technologies and regulations. We have performed countless installations over the years without any major complications.

If your aviation facility is looking for a tank farm, make 1 Stop, your 1 stop!

You can count on our team of impeccably trained design engineers, installers and project managers to develop your aviation fuel tank farm. Did we mention we are a small, women owned company? This will help you meet your minority procurement targets. Please feel free to call us at your convenience. We look forward to taking your call!  866-982-4781 1 Stop!